Confirmed: Sheriff David Clarke Hit In Head With Brick After Milwaukee Riots


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, was recently attacked in Milwaukee, WI just days after riots erupted in the city. The sheriff suffered a blow to the head from brick thrown by an unidentified white male wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. According to police reports, Sheriff Clarke was off duty when a brick slammed into the back of his head while signing an autograph outside of  Home Depot.    The sheriff was rushed immediately to Aurora Sinai Medical Center for emergency treatment. 

The suspect is still at large and according to witnesses, the suspect was a white male, approximately 6 feet tall wearing a black t-shirt with “Black Lives Matter” printed across the shirt. While Sheriff Clarke was speaking with a couple outside of the store, signing an autograph, a 7 pound brick flew into the back of the sheriff’s head, causing him to lose consciousness. The couple then immediately called 911. “It just happened so fast. We did not expect that to happen. My first reaction was to call the police. I saw the guy who did it but he ran so fast. If he were not white, I’d think it was Usain Bolt who was running. That’s how fast the guy took off” says Jarred Dixon. 

Sheriff David Clarke is still under care at Aurora Sinai Medical Center and so far, the Milwaukee County Police Department has yet to comment. Sheriff David Clarke gained millions of supporters after publicly slamming Black Lives Matter activists and is a firm believer in the Blue Lives Matter movement. The sheriff spoke at the Republican National Convention and recently tweeted that the protests in Milwaukee showed “black cultural dysfunction”.